Adult subject illustrations


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  1. Vomi 1 year ago

    Same thing with me! The preacher would scream, TURN OR BURN, SINNER! I was scared to death in Kindergarten! But my parents didn't pull us out of that miserable church for quite a few years. not until the preacher started preaching racism. That luckily crossed a line for them. And then the whole church fell apart when it was revealed that he'd been diddling his secretary and then went to jail for tax evasion. By the 3rd grade, I new religion was a load of BS.

  2. Kikinos
    Kikinos 1 year ago

    They can not do it with a night time spacer?

  3. Meztirisar
    Meztirisar 1 year ago

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  4. Kazizragore
    Kazizragore 1 year ago

    Why wouldn't you like dick pictures and this is a porn site? Oh i know what it is cause you scared of dick huh? Cause I'll come to Lowell right now and fuck the shit out of you. Hit me up don't be scared.

  5. Moogukora 1 year ago

    You can exert force w/o movement but no energy is transferred.

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