Big bra big boobs


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  1. Kagar 7 months ago

    If you assume that sitting out this year adds an additional year to Bell’s career, all that he has given up is the time value of his 2018 salary, which is probably only about 150k. In other words, he’ll still get the same total salary over the course of his career, but he’ll have to wait one year longer to get it all, thereby losing the interest he could have earned from having access to the money one year earlier.

  2. Shakabar
    Shakabar 7 months ago

    I almost expected to see a penis.

  3. Daigal
    Daigal 7 months ago

    QuГ© hembra mГЎs rica besitos en tu conchita

  4. Vitaur 7 months ago

    What would be the point of the Night's Watch at that point? Wildlings aren't a threat. The dead are gone for good, as far as we know.

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